Face It Family Retreats

A weekend full of strength & support for children and their families to build understanding & begin the healing process together.

The Retreats will be led by a qualified child therapist. They will start with exploring the children’s thoughts and feelings around their condition. In some cases children will begin to express and release emotions – which can be a powerful part of the program.

Group therapy will be included, where the children will create a Face It tool kit, which includes the Face It Progress Book, helping them to continue the healing process at home.

Before the weekend is out, the parents will have a powerful session with a life coach. This will be where I (Katie Louise Hamer) will be available to answer any concerns or questions you may have before leaving the retreat.

The illness from my own experience doesn’t just affect the sufferer, but also the families and at the retreat we want to ensure we have support for all. To this end, we will end the retreats, together with the families. Each family will send out positive affirmation balloons into the universe for comfort and release.

More information of when the first retreat will take place & how to apply will be updated on Our Face It FaceBook Page.

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