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Discover Your Inner Lioness and Build The Life of Your Dreams…

It’s Time To Hear You ROARRR!!!

R – Recognise

O – Own It

A – Accomplish

R – Repeat

Find Your Inner Lioness - 4 Part Series


The ROAR Academy 4-Part Coaching Series – Find your Inner Lioness – is designed to help you discover what you really want from life.

Coaching you through how to dream again, crushing your comfort zone & finding your passion through getting out your own way, this coaching packs a punch! We will dig into your past to find your road blocks and build your confidence to start living your life on your terms.

With 1-hour group zoom calls each week during February 2019, you will be ready to ROAR your way to success!

Book now for just £99!

The Summer Bootcamp


This is 30 days of intense coaching to boost your online business.

Starting with creation of your own personal 1-1 business plan before the course begins, you can then look forward to…

A full 90 day game plan, with powerful 30 minute coaching calls on zoom daily, to keep you on track with daily challenges, PLUS an online support group that will cheer you all the way!

Book now for just £149! 

121 Coaching

With Self Made Boss, Katie Hamer


Katie is well-known for her inspiration and motivation, so imagine having her all to yourself in a 121 session!

Want to take your business to the next level? This is what you can look forward to!

Book now at just £35 per hour