Face It - Together We Will Beat It!


I went through years and years of struggling with my confidence … suffering with my condition, Facial Palsy, & never seeing a way out…

Having my son & finding my PURPOSE in life has made me realise that my condition isn’t a weakness it’s what makes me unique! I now want to give hope & support to sufferers of Facial Palsy… and help women and men regain a real love for who they are – right now.

My mission is to create a support network for women, men & children who are sufferers or survivors of Facial Palsy & make sure that nobody faces it alone.

This is a cause so close to my own heart that I felt compelled to take action and to this end I am in the process of establishing my own charity – ‘FACE IT’ – dedicated to the care and empowerment of all suffering with this emotionally devastating condition.

It would be an honour to receive any assistance from you in this endeavour, either financially or otherwise. Please help me make this dream a reality for the people who need us …

If you would like to be part of changing the lives of these incredibly brave people, please either contact me, or donate by clicking the button below. Thank you so much for your kindness and contribution – you are truly amazing.

Katie xx

Have You been Affected By Facial Palsy? We Lovingly Offer You Our Support